Easy-Ad has deep roots in advertising. It’s always been what we’ve done. Most of our layout historically was dedicated to advertising and coupons. But advertising fatigue is a real thing for audiences after years of internet ad bombardment. Today it’s not as simple as delivering a 28-page spread on the driveway and expecting eyes to read promo material.

Even on the internet, ad-blockers and shifting audience tastes have made full advertising publications a thing of the past. But, like email for conversion, our model still works. We just have to approach it with a deft hand and a realistic outlook. In fact we can deliver triple the rate compared to email opens for the same cost.

We revolutionized the Southern California model with Easy Business Advertising

Because of this, we have led the transition in Southern California from paper to digital when it comes to pure advertiser publications. Did you know that our ad click rates are about 8-12 times the internet average?

For about every 7-8 people who view an ad on our website a click is made. ‘But how’s that possible,’ you ask? “Compared to most websites, your website is saturated in ads; and you don’t have nearly as much content by volume.”

We have Buyers with intent, that’s why this is Easy Business Advertising to comprehend

Because Intent. When people come to us, they are ready to buy. We show up in searches and promote an agenda that is customer forward and transparent. We are easy to understand. We also utilize the most capable tools to analyze every aspect of our website and print businesses down to the tiniest detail. You think you’re obsessed about your website or business? We make over a thousand changes a week to each of our web properties. Some are tiny changes, like adding a listing, or tweaking an ad placement. Some are bigger, like publishing a full spread. And yet here you are, looking for more ways to build your customer base and looking for any insight you can get to improve. You are our kind of customer – obsessed with improvement.

And we are driven to improve our site daily. We make changes all the time that you can see if you visit just a couple times a month. More than 35% of our customers are repeat readers, but that’s not impressive on its own. It would be more as a percentage of total traffic, except that our organic growth rates are over 1000% year over year. So that figure keeps our repeat customer percentage of traffic, minimized. Both metrics are growing exponentially. That’s great for you!

Easy Business Advertising

We have a wide variety of options for Easy Business Advertising. These are opportunities for businesses to connect realistically with customers, and we have tightly groomed our platforms to convert, with a buyer who is ready to act. That means the elevated conversion rates aren’t lost on us. We know when and how, historically, our visitors, readers, and loyal returning audience members will interact with our business client’s advertising and promotions. Data analysis and experience adds a lot to our capabilities. We leverage some of the best proprietary information and one of the best data sets in Southern California. What we don’t have in house, we consult with top talent to understand.  

Here are some of the ways we move customers in front of businesses organically, naturally and with an intent to act.

Deep Content

We write long-form content and push targeted promotions deep within it in a very strategic way that helps the reader get maximum value and doesn’t feel forced. We hire subject matter experts to create the content; write it in a way that stays fresh over the long term (evergreen) and then we optimize it for delivery, with the option to re-optimize it as data bears out a different marketing path – if the data tells us to.

Coupon pages that dominate search

We compile coupons for you or a competitor and prominently place your offer on a page that has staggeringly high click through rates. Because the buyer is already intent on converting when they have gotten to the point where they search for a coupon page, you can rest assured the value of these placements is exceptional. Particularly on local search, these placements are ranking very high on page 1 and 2 of Google as well as being distributed through our large database of connected readers.

Traditional display ads, contextual ads or specialty ads on keyword landing pages

You might say to us: “But I’m already ranked 1st or 2nd on Google. Why do I want your traffic from 5th or 6th or 7th place?”

It’s true that we rarely place first for searches like “Braces in Escondido” – we aren’t orthodontists, after all. Furthermore, it’s amazing that you are ranked well in Google, nowadays that’s tough. But what you should be wondering is why people are clicking on 5th or 6th or 7th place if you are the one they want to work with? You shouldn’t be worried that we don’t have the same traffic as you, you should be worried why we have any traffic at all, especially in your hard-to-market niche. To get to #1 on google you’ve either spent thousands of dollars or you offer something so unique, that there are few natural competitors.

Our traffic is a different type of buyer and is not the same person that is going to be clicking on your ad or organic SERP, but they are paying customers, nonetheless and they DO NEED your services or product. It’s simply business – our buyer is ready to act, searching for the same services you offer, and ready to take our recommendation on where to go to. Putting you in front of them just makes sense. We are competitive on hundreds of YOUR KEYWORDS in your hyper-local market.  

Direct Mail Marketing with specialty promotions and interesting opt in content

Community newsletters, fun interactive content and direct mail that meets your target customer’s needs is not the same as the junk mail advertiser pages you get with  every midweek coupon cycle.

We craft bespoke, optimized and ready-to-convert content and campaigns for you to get the targeted demographic and specific customers you want. We vet the lists, curate our own and offer interactive, long-term relationships on your behalf with our readership. We have a legacy in print and direct-to-consumer advertising. Leverage our platforms to improve your bottom line.

Value oriented, flat-fee Easy Business Advertising

We have several placements on our website that see thousands of eyes a day for pennies. Some of our advertisements are less than a cup of coffee. And we aren’t talking about that fancy coffee either. More like the home-brewed price point.

We rarely elevate prices on content pages, we just add more content and allow new advertisers to dominate in their highly competitive niche for a tiny fraction of competitive advertisers. Who are we kidding? There aren’t a lot of local advertisers who can compete with our capabilities.

We act confident, and that’s not because we’ve failed at our business. We’ve been doing this stuff for decades and we know we are leading the charge to revolutionize this business from a stodgy old-school one, to a market segment that can keep up with modern consumers. So, while it’s mostly tongue-in-cheek the way we write some of our website copy, it’s done with absolute intent and incredible confidence in our ability to deliver on promises we make.

We have other methods for placing eyes on your product or service. We invite you to call or email us to explore custom options of clarify our service offerings.