BREAKING NEWS: Students Not Likely to Return this School Year to California Schools


March 31, 2020 @ 7:10pm PST

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a fluid situation without documentation to validate certain aspects of the news story. This story may update as the situation evolves.

Overview of Breaking News:

Students are not likely to return to California public schools for the remainder of the year

In a release to school superintendents across the state of California on Tuesday, it seemed clearly indicated that there would not be a return to physical location-based schooling in California for the state’s students. 

While the design and implementation of such a plan is not clear at this point, the risk seems real enough that schools will not be taking any chances, and they would be prevented from doing so by State mandate. 


Virtual learning and distance based programs will be the focus at least until the end of the school year

To substantiate this information, Tony Thurmond State board of Education Superintendent for California, has released the following statement:

“Due to the current safety concerns and needs for ongoing social distancing it currently appears that our students will not be able to return to school campuses before the end of the school year. This is in no way to suggest that school is over for the year, but rather we should put all efforts into strengthening our delivery of education through distance learning”

While this seems like a hasty decision based strictly on the  messaging, it seems that this is the pathway forward given the situation that citizens across the United states are facing.

For now, this is the response for California schools and the associated student body. 

Stay tuned for updates tot his, including important information about the plan implementation as more information is released.