Business News – 07-16-2021

Walmart has lost a disability lawsuit against an employee with down syndrome

  • Filed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Walmart must pay damages in a disability discrimination lawsuit
  • The lawsuit was filed after a 16-year-old Walmart employee with down syndrome  named Marlo Spaeth was fired after she struggled to manage her new scheduled hours
  • In winning the lawsuit, a jury awarded Spaeth more than $125 million in damages 

England has new plans for large gigafactory as other countries also ramp up battery-production capacity

  • If plans for the proposed new development in Coventry, England are built, it would focus on recycling batteries and producing batteries for electric vehicles
  • This project is claiming that it could generate u to 6,000 new jobs and thousands more across their supply chain
  • The facility is planned to cover an area of up to 5.7 million square feet and using 100% renewable energy

IRS Free File program will no longer include Intuit TurboTax

  • Yesterday (Thursday) Inuit which is the parent company of TurboTax has announced they will no longer participate in the IRS Free File program 
  • In a blog, the company reported that those who still need to file their taxes and qualify for the Free File program will be able to use the program until October

New meatless chicken nugget set to release in the fall by Impossible Foods

  • Impossible Foods has been working on a new meatless chicken nugget that they plan to release this fall
  • The company’s competitor Beyond Meat had released its chicken tenders earlier in July  for US restaurants 
  • To mimic the taste and texture of chicken, Impossible’s nugget recipe includes soy protein and sunflower oil

By K Buenavista

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