California News – 07-16-2021

The first-ever state-funded income plan has been approved by California 

  • Yesterday (Thursday) lawmakers for Californi have approved the very first state-funded guaranteed income plan worth $35 million
  • Qualified individuals consisting of qualified pregnant women and young adults who recently left foster care will receive these monthly payments with no restriction to how they spend it
  • The vote for this law was 36-0 in the Senate and a 64-0 in the Assembly showing bipartisan support

California’s first mega-fire of the year: Sugar Fire

  • North of Sacramento in the Plumas National Forest, the Sugar fire has become the first to cover 100,000 acres of land this year
  • The fire first began on July 2 and its size quickly increased with the extreme temperatures and strong winds
  • As a result of the flare-ups and spot fires all over the area, firefights had extreme difficulty gaining a footing on the fire

The surge in Covid-19 cases has caused Los Angeles county to reinstate mask mandates

  • Just after a month of California’s long-awaited reopening, coronavirus has urged counties like Los Angeles to reinstate mask mandates
  • Beginning Saturday night, all residents of Los Angeles County will be required to resume wearing masks in indoor spaces regardless of their vaccination status

By K Buenavista

Mr. Buenavista is a writer that specializes in breaking down complex topics into easy to understand formats that appeal to a wide range of news seeking readers, without missing the important details. He handles a majority of the daily news reporting at Easy-Ad, and has written on many other websites. He resides in Southern California.