California News – 11-22-2021

California mother helps to rescue missing children, says OC Sheriff

  • After speaking to reporters on November 18, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes called Julia Bonin a “superhero” after she spotted two missing children when walking her son to school
  • The missing kids were Noah Clare (age 3) and Amber Clare (age 16) walking with a wanted man named Jacob Clare at the Doheny State Beach in Dana Point
  • According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Jacob Clare has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and is now in custody 

Two arrested after allegedly stealing spilled cash on California freeway

  • According to the California Highway Patrol, two people who allegedly stopped on a freeway to grab spilled cash were arrested after locking themselves out of their car
  • Approximately around 9:15 am, on the I-5, the back door of an armored truck flew open and the CHP began receiving calls about motorists stopping to take up $1 and $20 bills

COVID-19 surge in Colorado poses urgent warning for California population

  • As California heads into the holiday season, new weekly COVID-19 cases have become stable along with high vaccination rates in comparison to other states
  • The COVID-19 case rate in Colorado poses as a warning for California as Colorado has an almost identical vaccination rate but cases are spiking
  • CDC data shows that Colorado has a 62.8% vaccination rate for their population while California has a 62.7% vaccination rate

California BLM advocate accused of driving into crowd

  • According to a new report, a judge ruled that a California Black Lives Matter supporter had her constitutional rights violated at a recent hearing over whether she should face trial over accusations of a crime
  • The supporter’s name is Tatiana Turner and was accused of deliberately driving into a crowd of counterprotesters of the Black Lives Matter movement 

By K Buenavista

Mr. Buenavista is a writer that specializes in breaking down complex topics into easy to understand formats that appeal to a wide range of news seeking readers, without missing the important details. He handles a majority of the daily news reporting at Easy-Ad, and has written on many other websites. He resides in Southern California.