Business News – 07-19-2021

GM announces pickup truck alongside Hummer production Today vehicle manufacturer General Motors confirmed they will be offering a fully-electric full-size pickup truck Slated for production in April 2022, General Motors plans this electric variant of the Chevrolet Full-size pickup General Motors plans to release 30 Electric vehicles globally by 2025; they plan to invest $27… Continue reading Business News – 07-19-2021

Business News – 07-16-2021

Walmart has lost a disability lawsuit against an employee with down syndrome Filed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Walmart must pay damages in a disability discrimination lawsuit The lawsuit was filed after a 16-year-old Walmart employee with down syndrome  named Marlo Spaeth was fired after she struggled to manage her new scheduled hours… Continue reading Business News – 07-16-2021

Business News – 07-15-2021

Director of CDC is disturbed by Tennesee’s decision to stop teen vaccine outreach  Tennessee’s decision to stop the state’s vaccine outreach to teens is looked down upon by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and she finds it “incredibly disturbing” According to the state’s data, Tennessee has a lower vaccination rate than other states in the country… Continue reading Business News – 07-15-2021

Business News – 07-14-2021

General Motors announces warning to Chevrolet Bolt EV owners about fire risk After two Bolt EVs in Vermont and New Jersey caught fire, General Motors has issued a warning to owners of the 2017-2019 versions of this vehicle to not park the car inside or charge them unattended overnight Starting in November, GM issued a… Continue reading Business News – 07-14-2021

Business News – 07-13-2021

Select Panda Express restaurants will now have Orange chicken using “Beyond Meat” Just recently, Panda Express has reported that they will soon be adding a new Orange Chicken variant to their menu using Beyond meat; a plant-based chicken item  The item will be coming to select locations in both Southern California and New York and… Continue reading Business News – 07-13-2021

Business News – 07-12-2021

Autoimmune disorder could be linked to the J&J Covid vaccine  A new warning is expected to be announced by the FDA concerning a possible relationship between rare autoimmune disease and the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine The CDC has reported that the disease is called Guillain-Barre syndrome and around 100 reports have been detected out… Continue reading Business News – 07-12-2021

Business News – 07-10-2021

Minimum wage increase at McDonalds could greatly affect future of fast food By 2024, McDonalds have plans to reach an average of $15 an hour by 2024 at all of their company owned restaurant  Currently, there is a high competition amongst fast food chains and large retailers for workers and McDonald’s is trying to give… Continue reading Business News – 07-10-2021

Business News – 07-09-2021

Marvel’s Black Widow boasts $13.2 million in previews – on track for box office record Yesterday (Thursday) Marvel’s Black Widow has taken $13.2 million in preview sales which is the highest of any film released during the Covid pandemic Analysts have expected the film to garner a total of $80 million to $110 million in… Continue reading Business News – 07-09-2021

Business News – 07-08-2021

Delta variant has caused worst surge in Covid Cases in Africa With more than 251,000 Covid cases, the second largest continent Africa has seen a 20% increase in just one week and a 12% increase from peak of January Along with the countries Senegal and Malawi, there are upwards of 16 African countries that have… Continue reading Business News – 07-08-2021

Business News – 07-07-2021

World Health Organization stands against full public health measure liftings Officials from the World Health Organization have warned countries around the world against the full lifting of public health measures These warnings come after the region of Europe has seen an increase of 33% in Covid cases last week Even with highly vaccinated regions or… Continue reading Business News – 07-07-2021

Business News – 07-06-2021

Lowe’s and Home Depot focus on home improvement pros as consumer demand slows In the coming quarters for Lowe’s and Home Depot, their biggest business opportunity will come from the sales to home improvement professionals  During the pandemic, customers had utilized DIY projects but are now starting to hire contractors again to do home improvements … Continue reading Business News – 07-06-2021

Business News – 07-05-2021

Bugatti, Porsche, and Rimac to make hypercar company  With Volkswagen’s Bugatti Brand, Porsche and Croatian electric performance car manufacturer plan to make a company called Bugatti-Rimac The new company would be making new hypercars and will be established in the last quarter of this year In the company, Rimac will have a 55% stake in… Continue reading Business News – 07-05-2021

Business News – 07-01-2021

 Although Porsche is increasing EV plans, they still plan to have investments in gas vehicles With the success of their new all-electric vehicles, Porsche has seen record sales  The CEO of the company Kjell Gruner has reported that the company is looking into investing into all-electric cars, internal combustion engines, and plug-in hybrids Compared to… Continue reading Business News – 07-01-2021

Business News – 06-29-2021

After SpaceX launch delay, Elon Musk calls launch regulations “broken” For SpaceX’s 20th mission, they were only seconds away from launching when they were stopped due to an aircraft entering launch range On Twitter, Elon Musk voiced his feeling about the situation and criticized the regulations around business launched rockets Brooks Running pledges to have… Continue reading Business News – 06-29-2021

Business News – 06-28-2021

Restaurants International Airports face shortage of workers to accommodate long lines The decreased amount of workers has put a strain on Airports all around the United States and restaurants/concession stands in US International airports have difficulties hiring The TSA is now currently offering a bonus of $1,000 for security screeners and reservation agents for airlines… Continue reading Business News – 06-28-2021

Business News – 06-27-2021

F9 has set the box office record for the pandemic so far with $70 million In total, the box office receipts show that F9 has made $70 million during its opening weekend in the US Internationally, F9 has gotten $37.9 million in ticket sales and has upwards of $05 million since its release outside of… Continue reading Business News – 06-27-2021