California News – 07-19-2021

Los Angeles County reports more than 10,000 cases in 1 week With the rapid spread of the delta variant , Los Angeles County has reported that they have seen more than 10,000 cases (during the week of 7/19/2021); this level has not been recorded since March According to health officials, the unvaccinated population is at… Continue reading California News – 07-19-2021

California News – 07-16-2021

The first-ever state-funded income plan has been approved by California  Yesterday (Thursday) lawmakers for Californi have approved the very first state-funded guaranteed income plan worth $35 million Qualified individuals consisting of qualified pregnant women and young adults who recently left foster care will receive these monthly payments with no restriction to how they spend it… Continue reading California News – 07-16-2021

California News – 07-15-2021

“Clean California” hiring event is held at Caltrans San Diego Caltrans is currently looking for more workers in an effort to clean up the state’s highways and provide more jobs which is a part of the governor’s “California Comeback Plan” At their District 11 office in San Diego’s Old Town, Cal trans has opened an… Continue reading California News – 07-15-2021

California News – 07-14-2021

US resident is first to have federal charges for fraudulent vaccination cards A California woman named Juli A. Mazi from Napa who works as a homeopathic doctor has become the first US resident to face federal charges for fake Covid-19 immunization records and fraudulent coronavirus vaccine cards Today (Wednesday), Juli was arrested and charged with… Continue reading California News – 07-14-2021

California News – 07-13-2021

California reverses maskless students ban from schools  Just hours after California health officials had issued a statewide policy for this upcoming school year that banned students who refuse to wear masks, the policy has been reversed California public health officials now state that they would leave the choice up to the schools on how they… Continue reading California News – 07-13-2021

California News – 07-12-2021

California teen allegedly stabbed 58-year-old Uber driver  A 17-year-old California teen was arraigned virtually on Friday for a stabbing incident that occurred earlier in the week on Tuesday  In Juvenile Court, the teen girl pleaded “not guilty” through her attorney to the killing of Raquel Spohn Weber a 58-year-old Uber Eats driver in the National… Continue reading California News – 07-12-2021

California News – 07-10-2021

The first death related to West Nile virus has been confirmed in California Earlier this week, Public Health officials in California have confirmed the first death that is related to the West Nile virus in the state This West Nile Virus related death happened in San Luis Obispo County and evidence suggests that the individual… Continue reading California News – 07-10-2021

California News – 07-09-2021

Earthquake at California/Nevada Border at 6+ Magnitude At the south point of Lake Tahoe, the Magnitude 6 earthquake affected both sides of the California and Nevada border a little before 4 pm It was reported that boulders had been tossed onto a major roadway (US 395)  near lake Tahoe and people have felt the earthquake… Continue reading California News – 07-09-2021

California News – 07-08-2021

Large California Drug Bust finds $1.19 billion in marajuana  Yesterday (Wednesday), Southern California Authorities report that they have taken upwards of 16 tons worth of marijuana at an estimated worth of $1.19 billion The bust had begun on the 8th of June last month and there has been a total of 22 felony arrests, 19… Continue reading California News – 07-08-2021

California News – 07-07-2021

Sacramento has mask mandate reinstated as delta variant spreads  After a total of 9 positive COVID-19 cases in Sacramento last week, California legislature has reinstates the mask mandate for the Capitol The first mandate is applied to Sacramento residents and the second requires all staff, senators, and assembly members to resume mask wearing The Senate… Continue reading California News – 07-07-2021

California News – 07-06-2021

Homeowner in Modesto California shoots and kills suspected intruder  After causing a shootout, a rural California homeowner has shot and killed a suspected home intruder The intruder was identified as Rodney Lee Martin who was 41 years od and was found inside the home with a stolen firearm with his body Authorities were told that… Continue reading California News – 07-06-2021

California News – 07-05-2021

SoCal Tumbleweed Fire causes Evacuation orders and burns almost 1,000 acres  have been ordered  Yesterday (July 4), the tumbleweed fire had emerged near Gorman, California which is 70 miles northwest of Los Angeles  From 2 pm to 8 pm, the fire had covered almost 1,000 acres and 10% of the fire is currently contained California… Continue reading California News – 07-05-2021

California News – 07-01-2021

Coronado High School has championship taken away after tortilla incident Just after a basketball game on June 19 at Coronado High School, they school has its division regional championship taken away after a tortilla throwing incident After Coronado High won the game 60-57 against Orange Glen High School, the team threw tortillas at the basketball… Continue reading California News – 07-01-2021

California News – 06-29-2021

Candidate for California Governor releases his plan to fix the state’s homelessness problem A Republican Candidate for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s seat in California named Kevin Faulconer has released his plan that will help solve the homelessness crisis in the state Faulconer said he will sign executive orders to establish a network of state-led shelters, support… Continue reading California News – 06-29-2021

California News – 06-28-2021

Housing market in Austin Texas is seeing mass migrations of former California residents The metro area of Austin, Texas has seen considerable growth by about 180 new residents each day which marks the fastest growing region in 10 years Many Californians are moving to Austin because of the relatively low cost of living especially compared… Continue reading California News – 06-28-2021

California News – 06-27-2021

California is now threatened by delta variant of coronavirus  In the third most occurring variant in the state of California, the Delta variant is highly contagious and is threatening to those who are not vaccinated  14.5% of all cases being recorded currently in California are of the Delta variant which is 4.7% higher than in… Continue reading California News – 06-27-2021