California News – 11-29-2021

California health officials believe new Omicron COVID variant has not reached the state On November 28, the California Department of Public Health said that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has not reached California yet California officials urge anyone who has traveled to South Africa, Lesotho, Malawi, Nambia, Botswana, Eswatini, or Zimbabwe within the last 14… Continue reading California News – 11-29-2021

California News – 11-22-2021

California mother helps to rescue missing children, says OC Sheriff After speaking to reporters on November 18, Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes called Julia Bonin a “superhero” after she spotted two missing children when walking her son to school The missing kids were Noah Clare (age 3) and Amber Clare (age 16) walking with a… Continue reading California News – 11-22-2021

California News – 11-19-2021

College professor charged with starting 4 fires in California  On November 18, a former college professor was indicted by a federal grand jury for his alleged efforts in starting 4 wildfires in Northern California earlier in 2021 47-year-old, Gary Stephen Maynard, will face up to 20 years in prison with a $250,000 fine for each… Continue reading California News – 11-19-2021

California News – 11-18-2021

New California law aims to fix wait times for those who need therapy A new law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in late October aims to fix the problems of long wait times for those who need to see a therapist in regards to their mental health Senate Bill 221, requires health insurers across California… Continue reading California News – 11-18-2021

California News – 11-17-2021

Ballot measure could increase construction rate of dams and other water projects A measure known as the “Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022” is expected to increase the construction of dams, desalination plants, and other water projects if it gets enough signatures Currently, the measure needs 997,132 signatures by registered voters by April 29 to… Continue reading California News – 11-17-2021

California News – 11-16-2021

Bipartisan infrastructure bill has passed so what will California receive? On November 16, President Joe Biden signed the $1 Trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which will put millions in funding to California’s roads, pipes, and wires The most significant amount of money being put into infrastructure will go to repairing roads, bridges, water infrastructure,… Continue reading California News – 11-16-2021

California News – 11-15-2021

New Gas price record set in California for the second day in a row On November 15, California gas prices reached $4.682 a gallon which is a new record for the stat for a second day in a row, says the American Automobile Association The price for Nov. 15 is up 6/10 of a cent… Continue reading California News – 11-15-2021

California News – 11-11-2021

Many Disney executives relocate from California to Florida Out of the company’s announcement in July 2021, Walt Disney World announced its plans to relocate 2,000 of its employees from California to Florida The chairman of Disney Parks, Josh D’Amaro, in a letter to employees has said the move would allow creative and business teams to… Continue reading California News – 11-11-2021

California News -11-10-2021

Ponzi scheme has California man sentenced to 30 years in prison On November 9, a 50-year-old man named Jeff Carpoff was sentenced to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to a billion-dollar criminal fraud scheme, According to the US Justice Department  This man was an owner of DC Solar, a solar generator manufacturer that… Continue reading California News -11-10-2021

California News – 09-17-2021

Women arrested by California troopers for DUI while her Tesla was reportedly on Autopilot Highway Patrol troopers for California have arrested a woman for a DUI where her Tesla was allegedly driving on autopilot This incident occurred around 11 p.m. on September 16, on the 134 Freeway and Highway Patrol officers observed that the driver… Continue reading California News – 09-17-2021

California News – 09-16-2021

California recall election could cost the state $300 million After Governor Gavin Newsom survived the recall attempt, state legislators have said that the failed effort at removing Newsom as Governor was too costly and needs further review Lawmakers in California agreed to spend a minimum of $276 million in the most recent state budget in… Continue reading California News – 09-16-2021

California News – 09-15-2021

Walnut Creek Police release video showing suspects who allegedly shot at a worker California police from Walnut Creek have released surveillance footage showing two people who are accused of “dining and dashing”  After leaving the restaurant, the suspects fired several rounds toward a worker at the restaurant who confronted them across the street  According to… Continue reading California News – 09-15-2021

California News – 09-14-2021

President Biden greeted with protesters after landing in Sacramento On September 13, President Joe Biden landed in Sacramento, California to campaign for Governor Newsom during the recall election and was met with protestors over how he handled Afghanistan and mandatory vaccinations A couple dozen protesters were in attendance when Air Force One touched down at… Continue reading California News – 09-14-2021

California News – 09-13-2021

California parents of 5 children die due to COVID-19 complications A couple named Daniel and Davy Macias from Yucaipa, California has died due to COVID-19 and left behind 5 children, including their newborn daughter who remains unnamed According to Davy’s sister-in-law, Terri Serey Davy was 37 and Daniel was 39 with their children at ages… Continue reading California News – 09-13-2021

California News – 09-10-2021

California experiences new wildfires as more than 1,000 lightning strikes occur overnight Over the night of September 9, a wave of thunderstorms moved access California and ignited more wildfires  According to a tweet from the National Weather Service in San Fransisco, they estimate that around 1100 cloud to ground strikes have occurred since the night… Continue reading California News – 09-10-2021

California News – 10-04-2021

Beaches in California close as oil spill threatens public safety and wildlife On October 2, Energy workers from Amplify Energy Corp. noticed oil in the water near an oil-processing plant near the coast of Huntington Beach that contains about 70 wells Investigators believe that the spill took place underwater about 5 miles off the coast… Continue reading California News – 10-04-2021