Legislative News – 07-16-2021

Order stopping West Virginia Needle Exchange law is reversed by Judge The temporary restraining order on West Virginia’s new law that heightens the requirements on needle exchange programs has been scrapped by a federal judge Yesterday (Thursday) the decision was made by the US District Judge Robert Chambers after a week saying he would consider… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-16-2021

Legislative News – 07-14-2021

Reforms for North Carolina Police have been approved after the removal of Bodycam changes Today (Wednesday) a criminal justice measure that emphasizes removing “problem law enforcement officers” administering mental health aid to others has cleared a North Carolina House committee Senate approved a reform that required Law enforcement to allow family or a victim to… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-14-2021

Legislative News – 07-13-2021

Residential/Business solar power fees in Alabama causes federal lawsuit Homeowners and Environmental groups in Alabama have filed a federal lawsuit against the state regulators for approving Alabama’s Solar Power fees on customers who have on-site or rooftop solar Alabama Power argues that the fees are needed to maintain the infrastructure that provides backup power to customers… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-13-2021

Legislative News – 07-12-2021

Senators from holdout states want new plan similar to Medicaid Coming from states that have not accepted the expansion of Medicaid , Three Democratic US Senators want the federal government to come up with a plan similar to Medicaid  Today (Monday) Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff of Georgia along with Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-12-2021

Legislative News – 07-10-2021

As GOP weighs in on voting law, group of Democrats plan to walk Among a small group of Democrats, they prepare to stage a second walkout again in order to stop a voting measure in Texas from being passed Republicans this weekend have intended to advance the new election bill which would restrict polling places… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-10-2021

Legislative News – 07-09-2021

Aging Dams in the US could be fixed from new bill  Lawmakers in Congress have just recently introduced a bill that could put billions of dollars into upgrading and fixing our nation’s dams The Bill has been named the Twenty-First Century Dams Act and has been introduced by Democratic US  Representative Annie Juster of New… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-09-2021

Legislative News – 07-08-2021

Wisconsin Governor signs state Budget including $2B Tax Cut Tony Evers, the Governor of Wisconsin has sing the Republican written state budget today (Thursday) which includes an income tax cut of $2 billion The state budget when effective will also decrease property taxes for wonders of an average of $100 next year Schools in Wisconsin… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-08-2021

Legislative News – 07-07-2021

Failed New Voting Laws in Texas are revived by state Governor Greg Abbot With the failure of the new Texas Voting laws to be passed, the Governor of the state Greg Abbot revives Republican efforts in passing the new laws  In a special session that begins Thursday (tomorrow), he is instructing Texas lawmakers to revise… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-07-2021

Legislative News – 07-06-2021

Nation of Navajo has lifted certain Covid restrictions on their reservation Jonathen Nez, the Navajo Nation President has signed legislation today (Tuesday) to withdraw an order that closed the reservation to outside visitors Several of the Covid restrictions have been lifted for the tribal parks that will allow them to reopen at 50% capacity along… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-06-2021

Legislative News – 07-05-2021

Proposition 208 supporters now aim to block tax cuts Last year with Proposition 208 that raised taxes on the wealthy in favor of more school funding are now aimed to block new tax cuts in the state of Arizona Currently, the group has 90 days to collect 120,000 signatures which are required to stop the… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-05-2021

Legislative News – 07-01-2021

Arizona Voting Restrictions have been upheld by Supreme Court Today (Thursday) The Supreme court has upheld Arizona voting provisions and their ruling held that they did not violate the Voting Rights Act  The first voting provision was to cast out ballots that are cast in the wrong precinct and the second restricts third parties from… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-01-2021

Legislative News – 06-28-2021

Biden is attempting to revive the infrastructure package By highlighting the economic benefits of his Infrastructure Package plan, President Joe Biden hopes he can get it on track I highlighting the benefits, he is stressing the $973 billion is going to include the largest investment in transportation in almost 100 years and would create many… Continue reading Legislative News – 06-28-2021

Legislative News – 06-23-2021

President Biden and his new plans to battle crime in the US Today (Wednesday), President Joe Biden has announced his new anti-crime efforts Biden’s plan is mainly addressing gun violence and to provide more funding to those cities who are in need of more police  Biden will have a “zero tolerance” policy (different from Trump’s)… Continue reading Legislative News – 06-23-2021

Legislative News – 06-07-2021

New Colorado Bill now allows for retroactivity in Abuse lawsuits up to 1960 Lawmakers in Colorado in the House have passed a bill that would allow victims of sexual abuse to hold organization accountable with civil lawsuits dating all the way back to 1960 This bill will give victims three years to sue for the… Continue reading Legislative News – 06-07-2021

Legislative News – 06-02-2021

President Joe Biden urges US Voting Rights law as restrictions add up President Biden has used the 100th anniversary of Tulsa’s race massacre in order to create legislation in Congress to protect the right to vote as restrictions from Republican led governments climb While Republicans say the bills are aimed at preventing voter fraud, Democrats… Continue reading Legislative News – 06-02-2021

Legislative News – 06-01-2021

Wisconsin governor Tony Evers says vetoing Entire state budget is an option Gov. Tony Evers refuses to rule out the possibility of vetoing the entire state budget which is being written by a “Republican-controlled legislature committee” currently Republicans in the state agreed to spend less than 10% of their funding of what he proposed for… Continue reading Legislative News – 06-01-2021