California News – 11-09-2021

Outrage begun by California school calling Florida and Texas “idiots” in student test A social science teacher at Whitney High School in Rocklin, CA, i being investigated after students were asked a politically biased question on a test The test question read, “A group of complete idiots is:” with the answers being: a)KKK, b) “All… Continue reading California News – 11-09-2021

California News – 06-02-2021

California Sequoia National Park Hiker dies from fall Near Mount Russell on May 31, 2021, a Hiker in Sequoia National park died after he fell 500 feet from the summit  This hiker was a 56 year old man from San Jose and he was with two others when he had lost his balance  One of… Continue reading California News – 06-02-2021

Legislative News – 06-01-2021

Wisconsin governor Tony Evers says vetoing Entire state budget is an option Gov. Tony Evers refuses to rule out the possibility of vetoing the entire state budget which is being written by a “Republican-controlled legislature committee” currently Republicans in the state agreed to spend less than 10% of their funding of what he proposed for… Continue reading Legislative News – 06-01-2021

Legislative News – 5-18-2021

Transgender Treatment Ban Fails in Alabama Legislature Alabama lawmakers ended their legislative session without a vote on one of the most controversial bills before them: a measure to outlaw gender-affirming medical treatments for transgender minors The Senate-passed bill died on the final night of the legislative session after it was placed at the end of… Continue reading Legislative News – 5-18-2021