Corporate Video Production

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Putting together corporate videos isn’t easy. Most of the time, consumers while drawn to video content, wouldn’t be interested in the subject matter than most businesses would be producing video about. That’s where a company like us comes in. We help you brainstorm and implement video content campaigns that will be of interest and get shared among your core audience.

More than just producing a plan and implementing it, we help you build the back-end assets to make sure it is successful.

Things like: audience segmenting, email campaigns, production and editorial calendars, physical creation of video and graphics assets. We also help you to plan for legacy assets so you can shoot once and use content for years as campaign needs change.

We partner with local videographers and photographers as needed, but we have in-house staff that can do the work too. It depends on your needs and timeline.

Our work speaks for itself. We produce content that helps a viewer understand core principles while being digestible, re-watchable and sharable.

Video is not just about a decent script, some solid audio and a running camera. You need to do more than that to be successful.

That’s why partnering with a full-service provider is ALWAYS better than hiring a one-time shooter for corporate film work.

Here’s what a full-service partner like Easy-Ad can offer:

  1. Tons of stock footage for background, B-Roll and splicing transitions in corporate video
  2. Royalty free music or music production for your videos
  3. Graphical artists that can create promotional and video frames and assets
  4. Professional-quality filters, tools, software and the people who know how to use them to create the best-looking video
  5. Know-how on optimizing delivery of the content from cloud-based serving, to caching, to layout, to housing the assets
  6. Top-level writing and sound
  7. Help navigating the complex parameters of the different social media channels, and platform needs
  8. Currently-producing channels of viewers that are not already in your eco-system, but will be able to benefit from the content
  9. Distribution for your video to increase organic and new traffic to you your brand
  10. Built-in best-practices to ensure you don’t have to shoot more than once or edit more than you need to
  11. All the administrative functions that help bring the process of corporate video into a manageable scenario for you
  12. Additional marketing know-how that amplifies your ROI for the particular project

It’s not more expensive to work with us than it is to hire a dedicated videographer or to pay wages for an in-house team, but it is much more effective to have us manage to project because we have the experience and we have already been through the hurdles and difficulties of a new program, so we can ensure you don’t lose money on the process and lose out on the actual benefits of video for corporate purposes.

We know because we do it a lot. And our content gets shared, viewed, and creates the impact organizations were trying to portray.

Here’s an example of work we have helped with from a project management perspective: