Easy-Ad Digital Download Product Ad Information

Easy-Ad offers several different ad styles on our website properties.

One of those ad styles is a Downloadable Digital Product based advertisement. We do this type of advertising because it is a natural brand builder, with pertinent content surrounding a long-term archival/legacy advertisement.

This is an explanation that goes a bit more in depth on our digital publication based ad buys which are priced at a flat fee, which is unheard of for a digital operation that offers such high throughput with regards to local and regional customers.

There are no smoke and mirrors here: our cost structure is lower for this type of advertisement and on the digital platforms and we think that value means something still. Especially when it comes to marketing. 

We also believe that our value proposition is exponentially higher than our competitors. Further, we don’t see many true competitors in this space. We provide services and products that dwarf the value of our next closest “competitors”. 

We offer Downloadable Digital Product based ads because they provide incredibly good long-term value. The amount of clicks are not constrained by daily visitors or monthly traffic. The issues sometimes last for years and are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.  The platform allows for you to brand your company with long-term, relative content that is agnostic to your own marketing, so you can run your own marketing to harmonize with it. The content is often shared by thousands of people and will generally stay relevant for at least 12 months. The following types are available currently:


This ad style costs a 1 time $350 payment and allows the same ad placement in every digital issue we publish for a year. You may add monthly digital editions after your first year in a run-til-canceled fashion for $20/month going forward. This monthly price is subject to change for new advertisers. Continuously running ads will be locked at the rate they sign up with, in perpetuity. The first time fee is not a recurring fee.

This style means you get an ad placement in all our editions/publications/special issues throughout the year. There is no limitation on how many you can be included in. You are guaranteed 6 issues per year at minimum. Size restrictions are loose, but under a quarter page is a general rule of thumb at this price point. Custom options are also available. 

Here is an example of what this ad style looks like:

Your ad will appear in books like the following:

You may request non-inclusion for any publication you feel does not fully align with your goals, audience or business campaigns. You will not suffer a penalty on your minimum issue guarantees.

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