Easy-Ad Full Page Mini-Website Ad Information

Easy-Ad offers several different ad styles on our website properties.

One of those ad styles is a Full Custom Page advertisement. It’s a perfect option for those without a current website; those who need a specific landing page for a program, event or specific campaign, or for those who understand the power of recognition by a website like Easy-Ad.

Disclaimer: We must be clear – we DO NOT SELL BACKLINKS. This would be an unrealistic and non-compliant practice considering our own ad-mix. That said, we may, at our discretion, and when applicable provide a link back to your business website. We do not guarantee a backlink and are selective about the process. You may email to discuss.

This is an explanation that goes a bit more in depth on our full-page ad buys which are priced at a flat fee, which is unheard of for a digital operation that offers such high throughput with regards to local and regional customers.

There are no smoke and mirrors here: our cost structure is lower for this type of advertisement and on the digital platforms and we think that value means something still. Especially when it comes to marketing. 

We also believe that our value proposition is exponentially higher than our competitors. Further we don’t see many true competitors in this space. We provide services and products that dwarf the value of our next closest “competitors”. 

We offer full page, custom designed mini-website type ads because they provide a crucial platform for small businesses who need our expertise and want to embrace the hybrid method of advertising and marketing. For the money, these are the best value you will find of any advertisement online for local businesses. The following types are available currently:

FULL PAGE/MINI WEBSITE AD: https://gumroad.com/l/YrQEf

This ad style costs $40/month and requires 3 months minimum; it is run-til-canceled

This ad style allows you to leverage our partners’ best talent at a rate that is a fraction of normal development costs. You also get a highly crawled, highly indexed page on a website that has proven traffic, a massive connected customer base and competes on relevant keywords in your local or regional market at first page levels (top ten SERPS).

Here is an example of what this ad style looks like:

Standing Desk