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Prompt #1 for the Easy-Ad Game “Have You Got a Better Answer?” for 2020 is as follows:

In October you won the Scratcher jackpot! You’ve just received $500,000 USD in your account! As you’re leaving the bank with $100,000 in $100’s in your new Zero-Halliburton Attache Case, a frantic man runs up to you. It’s someone from your past – Your long-lost scientist uncle.

He hurriedly explains to you that he has first hand knowledge that there is an epidemic looming, and the world is going to turn into a wasteland within 5 days thanks to the super secret, highly classified virus that has escaped the Government facility he was working at in Florida.

Even if you don’t believe him, something about his story is messing with your head. What do you do?

In the face of a highly likely Zombie Apocalypse:

What do you buy? Who do you tell? How do you prepare for the inevitable post-apocalyptic world? Do you go back into the bank and get more cash? 

Tell us how it plays out…

You can play other games by going to our GAME PAGE