Hemet, Ca Resources

One could argue that Hemet was once considered simply a place where old folks go to live out the last quarter of their lives, but Hemet is more than just a retirement community from the 1960’s-1990’s. Its roots run far deeper than that.

Incorporated in 1910, this community factored in California History in the first few years after California became a state…


Below are some resources for the community and those looking for information.  

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The historic Southern California town has it’s share of ups and downs, but the beautiful landmarks and longstanding geographical features make it a storied place full of interesting stories and steeped in tradition.

If you were to survey the modern landmarks, you’d recognize Hemet’s importance in today’s California, like the Diamond Valley Lake which is a man-made off stream reservoir which supplies crucial water storage to the area and counts itself among the largest such bodies in Southern California, at 800,000 acre feet of capacity.

You could also look far beneath the surface of the water, to find the history of the region, where, now on display at the Western Science Center important paleontological finds were excavated in the mid and late 1990’s during the Lake’s construction and include Mammoth fossils among other key finds.

Still other treats lie in store for the visitor and the resident alike, with things like The Ramona Pageant which serves as California’s official outdoor play and is among the longest running outdoor plays in the world having started in 1923.

Hemet has a lot of history. But it’s modernizing and diversifying too, to move forward in a connected, changing world. The 90,000-some residents of this once bedroom community, now burgeoning growth story will ensure that becomes reality. You can learn more about Hemet and the surrounding areas HERE.