Is this the new Must-Attend Annual Fundraising Event in the Valley?

Is this the new Must Attend Annual Fundraising Event in the Valley?


Hearts of Gold to benefit C.A.S.A

It’s the first event of its kind, but the C.A.S.A. Valentine Gala – “Hearts of Gold” in February looks to be the next Valley annual event. It aims to raise funds for combating child abuse and offering victim services for survivors of this horrible crime.

It’s an ambitious event for a non-profit that hasn’t been in the annual event game for years. But the concept is solid; the name is great and the venue, food and entertainment is top tier.

It’s one of the most interesting annuals in the non-profit sector for the Valley with the live piano music by a 30-something crooner named Matt Fetbrandt. It seems he can do everything from Journey to Disney, with hammer hands and a smooth voice he is a modern day piano man and he is taking love song requests – proceeds to benefit the child abuse prevention, education and victim services from C.A.S.A.

This Berklee School phenom has ties to the Valley and plays regularly around the world at high end events and makes a home – piano wise, in the Hollywood area usually. He’s currently traveling the world playing at top tier venues. It will be nice to see such a talent liven up the Valley non-profit fundraising scene on February 8th.

The venue is the gorgeous “Country Club at Soboba Springs”, a top tier option; who will provide services for food and drinks. The music is the central theme, considering the ability for music to get the crowd motivated, with $10 requests available for those Valentine Lovers to woo their sweethearts with. The Live entertainment will go from dinner (6:30p) until attendees are too tired to dance anymore.

This is a Black Tie optional event that lets the donors and supporters of C.A.S.A. get dressed up and enjoy an evening out. The room will encourage touches of gold as the theme is “Hearts of Gold” and the concept extends into all the decoration and the novel fundraising concepts that eschew the traditional silent auction for gift basket raffles, the love song requests and an ornament tree. A special presentation includes a champagne toast and the attendees will have access to spirits and wine.

The event starts with a cocktail hour from 5:30p to 6:30p with Dinner following a small presentation promptly at 6:45p.

Sponsors include Valley heavyweights like The Bank of Hemet; Century 21 McDaniel & Associates; the Healthy Valley Foundation; Gosch Auto Group; HUB International and the Soboba Casino Resort. All of the Valley’s philanthropically minded individuals and families are likely to be in attendance as C.A.S.A. makes something of a return to the spotlight after some years of hanging back.

The recent aggressive growth and some changes at the organization has spurred on some changes to how C.A.S.A. views itself moving forward. The management promises an event unlike others in the Valley, and yet, as glamorous and fun as the other top flight events.

They are also promising some new innovations in how the organization is marketed, and how the company approaches donors in the future. The problem with the marketing and branding in the past is that the subject matter isn’t a fun topic to discuss in polite company. In the age of transparency and compassion we live in, C.A.S.A. has broken through barriers to fundraising that historically made it difficult to approach the larger donors in the community.
Providing much needed services to victims of crime including sexual assault, child abuse and human trafficking there is no better time for a non-profit like C.A.S.A. to thrive. As the company undergoes something of a metamorphosis, and helps clients to do the same in the aftermath of their traumatic experiences, the community becomes stronger, more resilient and more capable of healing. It’s a holistic and credible concept and the Valley can come together to support it at this February 8th, 2020 event that is scheduled to be the annual for the company.

The Hearts of Gold Valentine Gala takes place at The Country Club at Soboba Springs on Saturday February 8th 2020 at 5:30p. Live piano music (with requests!)and high end food are the highlights. Tickets are $125.

Tables are also available at 10 seats per. Sponsors and individual attendees should contact Kathy Callicott (Vice President of the C.A.S.A. Board) to inquire about tickets and make a purchase. Her contact number is: 951-634-8972.

Historically, the Center Against Sexual Assault of Southwest Riverside County has operated in the background providing services for victims of crime. Locked into state funding mandates and unfortunately the growth of the problem (sexual assault and child abuse), the company has been forced to grow to meet demand for services. But they want the community to understand that their name is not a limiting factor in the services they provide. (You can read our overview of their organization earlier in this very issue to better understand their portfolio of offerings).

Now, management and board members are making a concerted effort to show that they are reaching beyond their historic focus to provide crucial services to more than just sex crimes victims. Though that clientele will still be serviced as before. What they aim to do in the near future is show that their mission and vision has developed into something that they feel they can make a legitimate try at fulfilling. It goes as follows:

The C.A.S.A. Vision – A safe and healthy community where relationships are built on dignity, respect, trust. compassion and equity.

The C.A.S.A. Mission Statement – C.A.S.A. intentionally fosters deep resilience in our community. C.A.S.A. supports children, adolescents, and adults in adapting to and overcoming adversity, trauma, and tragedy through prevention and healing services.

It espouses a lot more than a name could ever do. It’s about healing members of our community that have experienced a wide range of trauma by providing specialty services like counseling and advocacy; victim’s assistance and others. It’s also about preventative services and education in the school system and in the broader community at large.

A not for profit like C.A.S.A. needs support to do these things. Sure, grant funds will always exist from federal, state and community partners and government, so they will survive, regardless. The services are critical and therefore funded all the time. But to truly execute on lofty goals like C.A.S.A. has set with the current management and board, they need community involvement and fundraising. We encourage you to attend!

The $125 dollar ticket price is a small price to pay to help create a safer, more educated, more compassionate community – the one in which you live.