Marketing Consulting

We’ve added significant resources in the last 2 years, as we noticed the time for transition had finally come. Being like a traditional newspaper, the original Easy-Ad was up against stiff competition from several fronts, including…

  1. Eco-consciousness – people don’t want to waste resources when they can make small changes and get a substantially similar experience.
  2. In this new marketing age, consumers are bombarded with advertising and pop-ups, pop-unders and other stuff constantly. There is a bit of transfer over from digital to print that makes things hard to do for legacy productions.
  3. Most of the advertising budgets are being thrown at SEO, SEM, CPC and every other acronym. It’s hard for a weekly printed publication to compete with that, when marketing managers are pushing digital only.
  4. We aren’t a news agency. We have never been. The original news model is too hard to make work in a print environment only. The overhead costs can’t be recaptured because the news cycle is too quickly turned over. We still do some news, but it isn’t our focus, and that’s why we are thriving, not dying like just about every other print news style company.
  5. Marketing intangibles are higher than ever. It’s harder to pinpoint an ROI for marketing departments, and business owners than it has been in the past. Print ads aren’t dying, but they are still expensive endeavors, and they have higher risk than ever before. Behemoths like Google have cornered the easy customer market – they make it easy to find the quickest dollar.

These things aren’t an obstacle anymore. We compiled a team of experts and built a system of testing facilities that allows us to prove concepts, lead the industry locally and show our work through legitimate conversions that only make our brand and yours, stronger.  

A mix of old and new allows us to get the best of both worlds. The team is dedicated to helping you do the same whether you are working with us as a partner or working with us as an advertiser. You get the wealth of our knowledge and experience for pennies on the dollar.

But sometimes, paper is necessary. It gives impact, tangibility. It proves the brand through diversified means. It offers something real, something immediate.

Furthermore, customers who read advertiser type publications are ready to buy. They may not be representative of all the market, but who doesn’t enjoy a good deal, help making a tough purchase decision and prioritizing buying local?

Before we were “just an advertising publication”, we were marketers. Salespeople. We get it. Businesses want to be able to do what they are good at, not try to be something they aren’t interested in. Besides, we have a team of professionals that have many years of experience in new media as well as traditional methodologies.

The juxtaposition of offline and online has made us a very successful brand in Southern California. We are competing for keywords in major markets against companies paying tens of thousands of dollars a month for SEO and advertising. We do it all in house and build out robust marketplaces for you, our clients.

We also produce thousands of direct mail and targeted campaign pieces for huge mailing lists we have curated over the years. We know it takes more than simply catering to the new market – it takes a mix of tried-and-true with edgier new options.

Decades of experience in business transition work from our top management team means we aren’t just capable of moving from print to new media playgrounds, we are doing it the right way and realizing a legitimate return on investment. We can help you do the same.

We can bring you from a traditional model to a hybrid model that helps you move forward without losing who you are and all the good stuff that comes from tradition and history.

We are legitimate digital marketers. Check our SERPS to see how well we do. We are also one of the most proven offline marketing agencies in the area. We’ve been doing it at the highest level for decades. We don’t have to compromise. That is: You don’t have to compromise when you’re working with us.

Imagine this: we have a full team of experts that specialize in different methodologies and have strategic tactical benefits over our competitors, but we also have built over 30 websites to test things for your business. It’s how we can produce results so quickly and how we have a proper set of channels for immediate distribution to the broader audience.