National News – 11-22-2021

White House reports that 90% of federal workers have received dose of COVID-19 vaccine

  • A senior administration official from the White House has said that approximately 90% of federal employees are vaccinated
  • The White House also reports that the federal workforce has reached 95% compliance with the vaccination mandate 
  • The federal guidance states that Federal personnel who have not been immunized or submitted proof of vaccination may eventually be terminated

UK government says new homes in England must have EV charging points

  • Authorities in the United Kingdom have announced plans that will require new homes in England to have charging points 
  • During the Confederation of British Industry’s annual conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated his remarks on the new regulations which will allow 145,000 new charging points to be installed

The US National Guard has helped combat the labor crisis 

  • As employers across the US are experiencing a substantial labor shortage, with slowdowns in the supply chain, politicians have looked to the US military for support’
  • So far, the US has used the National Guard to help fill in gaps in the healthcare sector, and in schools as well

Target to keep its stores closed on Thanksgiving going forward

  • In an announcement from Target, the company will no longer open its stores on Thanksgiving Day and will make a permanent shift to the unofficial start of the holiday season
  • On November 22, Target said its distribution and call centers will have some staff on thanksgiving Day but stores will remain closed

By K Buenavista

Mr. Buenavista is a writer that specializes in breaking down complex topics into easy to understand formats that appeal to a wide range of news seeking readers, without missing the important details. He handles a majority of the daily news reporting at Easy-Ad, and has written on many other websites. He resides in Southern California.