Business News – 07-19-2021

GM announces pickup truck alongside Hummer production Today vehicle manufacturer General Motors confirmed they will be offering a fully-electric full-size pickup truck Slated for production in April 2022, General Motors plans this electric variant of the Chevrolet Full-size pickup General Motors plans to release 30 Electric vehicles globally by 2025; they plan to invest $27… Continue reading Business News – 07-19-2021

California News – 07-19-2021

Los Angeles County reports more than 10,000 cases in 1 week With the rapid spread of the delta variant , Los Angeles County has reported that they have seen more than 10,000 cases (during the week of 7/19/2021); this level has not been recorded since March According to health officials, the unvaccinated population is at… Continue reading California News – 07-19-2021

Local News – 07-16-2021

Authorities chase assault suspect throughout 4 counties until they apprehend him in Palmdale Throughout Santa ana, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernadino County, authorities chase a man suspected of assault with a deadly weapon  After an officer performed a PIT maneuver, the suspect’s vehicle had spun out which allowed other officers to detain him

Legislative News – 07-16-2021

Order stopping West Virginia Needle Exchange law is reversed by Judge The temporary restraining order on West Virginia’s new law that heightens the requirements on needle exchange programs has been scrapped by a federal judge Yesterday (Thursday) the decision was made by the US District Judge Robert Chambers after a week saying he would consider… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-16-2021

Business News – 07-16-2021

Walmart has lost a disability lawsuit against an employee with down syndrome Filed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Walmart must pay damages in a disability discrimination lawsuit The lawsuit was filed after a 16-year-old Walmart employee with down syndrome  named Marlo Spaeth was fired after she struggled to manage her new scheduled hours… Continue reading Business News – 07-16-2021

California News – 07-16-2021

The first-ever state-funded income plan has been approved by California  Yesterday (Thursday) lawmakers for Californi have approved the very first state-funded guaranteed income plan worth $35 million Qualified individuals consisting of qualified pregnant women and young adults who recently left foster care will receive these monthly payments with no restriction to how they spend it… Continue reading California News – 07-16-2021

Business News – 07-15-2021

Director of CDC is disturbed by Tennesee’s decision to stop teen vaccine outreach  Tennessee’s decision to stop the state’s vaccine outreach to teens is looked down upon by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and she finds it “incredibly disturbing” According to the state’s data, Tennessee has a lower vaccination rate than other states in the country… Continue reading Business News – 07-15-2021

California News – 07-15-2021

“Clean California” hiring event is held at Caltrans San Diego Caltrans is currently looking for more workers in an effort to clean up the state’s highways and provide more jobs which is a part of the governor’s “California Comeback Plan” At their District 11 office in San Diego’s Old Town, Cal trans has opened an… Continue reading California News – 07-15-2021

Local News – 07-14-2021

SCAQMD reports that July 4th fireworks had most negative impact on air quality since the Bobcat fire Fourth of July fireworks in the Southern California region has been the worst since the Bobcat Fire last November says the South Coast Air Quality Management District Despite being 14% lower than last Fourth of July pollution levels,… Continue reading Local News – 07-14-2021

Legislative News – 07-14-2021

Reforms for North Carolina Police have been approved after the removal of Bodycam changes Today (Wednesday) a criminal justice measure that emphasizes removing “problem law enforcement officers” administering mental health aid to others has cleared a North Carolina House committee Senate approved a reform that required Law enforcement to allow family or a victim to… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-14-2021

Business News – 07-14-2021

General Motors announces warning to Chevrolet Bolt EV owners about fire risk After two Bolt EVs in Vermont and New Jersey caught fire, General Motors has issued a warning to owners of the 2017-2019 versions of this vehicle to not park the car inside or charge them unattended overnight Starting in November, GM issued a… Continue reading Business News – 07-14-2021

California News – 07-14-2021

US resident is first to have federal charges for fraudulent vaccination cards A California woman named Juli A. Mazi from Napa who works as a homeopathic doctor has become the first US resident to face federal charges for fake Covid-19 immunization records and fraudulent coronavirus vaccine cards Today (Wednesday), Juli was arrested and charged with… Continue reading California News – 07-14-2021

Local News – 07-13-2021

Fatal shooting near apartment complex has resulted arrest of 19-year-old Riverside man Yesterday (Monday) Police have announced that a 19-year-old man from Riverside was arrested on suspicion of murder after a man from Jurupa Valley was found fatally shot behind an apartment complex near 5400 Olivewood Avenue The man arrested is named Luis Angel Sanchez… Continue reading Local News – 07-13-2021

Legislative News – 07-13-2021

Residential/Business solar power fees in Alabama causes federal lawsuit Homeowners and Environmental groups in Alabama have filed a federal lawsuit against the state regulators for approving Alabama’s Solar Power fees on customers who have on-site or rooftop solar Alabama Power argues that the fees are needed to maintain the infrastructure that provides backup power to customers… Continue reading Legislative News – 07-13-2021

Business News – 07-13-2021

Select Panda Express restaurants will now have Orange chicken using “Beyond Meat” Just recently, Panda Express has reported that they will soon be adding a new Orange Chicken variant to their menu using Beyond meat; a plant-based chicken item  The item will be coming to select locations in both Southern California and New York and… Continue reading Business News – 07-13-2021

California News – 07-13-2021

California reverses maskless students ban from schools  Just hours after California health officials had issued a statewide policy for this upcoming school year that banned students who refuse to wear masks, the policy has been reversed California public health officials now state that they would leave the choice up to the schools on how they… Continue reading California News – 07-13-2021