OPINION: Donny Slade – Tulsi Gabbard was the best chance Democrats had – now what?

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Donny Slade


Tulsi Gabbard would have made a fantastic opponent to Donald Trump


Note: you can read this opinion piece, even if you don’t align with my political viewpoints. If you disagree with me on politics, it’s probably especially important that you read it.

An Important announcement from Tulsi Gabbard. That spells out a suspended campaign, surely.

Tulsi Gabbard bows out?

That’s the thought that went through my head when I saw it come up on my feed. Who is Tulsi Gabbard, you might ask?

Let’s give some background. I try to remain as unbiased as possible in my job – sales, with a side of writing.

I’m not a huge fan of Donald Trump, though, fiscally, I tend to align with his policies. His social policies on the other hand, I’m not always in love with. The problem with Trump isn’t that he’s confident. It’s that no one else can be right, even if they are right. I believe you shouldn’t be right unless you’re actually right. If you can demonstrably be proven to be wrong, even if it wasn’t your intent, or it is painful, you should make it right and admit you were wrong.

It bothers me that he cannot do that. Mostly because I think he could be a good leader. Not particularly based on what he ran on, but that he has the capability, if only he was flexible. Notice I didn’t say more flexible. He is stubborn like my brother’s teenage kids. They refuse to be wrong even with proof that they are wrong.

They want to be right for the sake of being right. It’s a teenager thing.

So of course, in my desire to retain my ability to say that I am truly unbiased, I like to follow both sides of the political spectrum. That, so I don’t get caught up in an echo chamber, despite my mostly leaning right on the political scale.

Here’s the problem. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders aren’t likeable. Elizabeth Warren isn’t likeable either. Hilary certainly wasn’t likeable. Andrew Yang had no chance. Pete Buttigieg wasn’t mainstream enough for most of America, despite being pretty likeable. There are others that could have made sense if they had put in more pre-work.

Kamala Harris is too tainted from her time in California in various public-facing offices – she’ll probably never be able to run for President and do well, though I do like the idea of a woman of color being a legitimate candidate on the final ticket – as long as she has the experience and composure that a President should have (A female Trump wouldn’t be a good final ticket candidate in my mind).

Cory Booker wasn’t believable and didn’t command the same speaking prowess as is necessary. Amy Klobuchar was very likeable, certainly very human, but had no chance, and a realistic lack of experience in all the areas I personally believe need to be high on the list for a potential president.

Michael Bloomberg is way off on guns, he’d have too much pressure as a result. He also has social skills on the level just barely above Mark Zuckerberg. Buying $600+ million dollars’ worth of ads to prove a point puts him out of the realm of being able to connect with normal folks. He would have also set the bar pretty high for future campaigns on a spending perspective. A few Billion dollars would have been a minimum spend and completely ludicrous.  

Tulsi Gabbard said everything right for a moderate candidate. She looks the part. She’s graceful and distinguished, and it’s not hard to get fringe conservatives to agree with most of her positions. She’s like a democrat Rand Paul. And that ultimately is the problem.  She’s too eager to actually work at fixing problems, so her political warfare standard is lower than that of her opponents who are strictly there to garner political favor.

She is also willing to get serious when asking people to be accountable. She isn’t afraid to call people out, but she’s more respectful than most politicians.

Tulsi Gabbard doesn’t want to just run to war the first time we see aggression from another country. She wants to listen to what people have to say. She is a legitimate patriot and still serves in the Hawaii National Guard.

She has real chops in foreign policy, despite taking a lot of flack for having met with some controversial international figures. Think Syria.

She is a real person, who, if you give her five minutes to talk, she will have you actually listening.

She’s also the anti-Trump. So, she is a much more interesting matchup to the current president. Who in my opinion, if it weren’t for his ego, might not have done a very bad job What are your thoughts? Am I way out in left field? Did I get this one wrong? Did I say something too sensitive? Let me know thus far. It just doesn’t help that the guy distances himself from people every day trying to always be the only person who is right in the world.

I actually don’t have a problem with his record, as long as I don’t have to listen to him talk about it.

That said, I lean right, and I actually like listening to what Tulsi Gabbard has to say.

I’d be a voter that potentially moved my vote from historically Conservative to Moderate Democrat if the other candidate was Tulsi Gabbard.

But alas, it wasn’t to be. She bowed out gracefully and threw her hat in the ring for Joe Biden, who is cringeworthy at best.

He picks fights with veterans and lies about being arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela and has a problem with touching women awkwardly every single time he’s on camera it seems. He also says really ridiculous things. Like when he made a comment about working with the only Black female senator… when there was another one in the same room as him, and he didn’t even mention her name (Kamala Harris), on a national televised debate. Awkward.

He’s also a paper tiger. He doesn’t seem real. He seems miffed at the simplest things and always takes it too far for the sake of looking tough. It’s tiresome.

I’m not trying to tell you who to vote for or what politics to have, I’m just trying to say it would have been a legitimate fight if democrats could have coalesced behind a centrist type instead of a revolutionary hard progressive, or a socialist. Even better if they forgot to get behind the longest serving potential candidate just because he served as VP to Barack Obama.

Talk about milquetoast, with a side of cringe. That’s what I see when the chosen candidate is Joe Biden.

Tulsi Gabbard would have been female, strong willed, well spoken, proven in important matters and American as apple pie. She’s also not a weakling but answers and asks questions based on substance not talking points.

The fact that Biden has overtaken Sanders after a strong start for Bernie, makes me realize we aren’t ready as a nation for a self-proclaimed democratic socialist. That’s a sigh of relive for someone who believes the Constitution deserves to be conserved. We need a return to strong 4th and 9th and 10th amendment stances. We need legitimate protection in certain areas against erosion of Second Amendment rights. You don’t have to agree with all my politics to agree with some of them. Remember that’s what elections and campaigning are supposed to be about.

I don’t like Tulsi Gabbard’s specific stance on the 2nd amendment, but that doesn’t stop me from recognizing that she was easily the best candidate to take out Trump for those who oppose him.

Unfortunately for those who want Trump out, no one is jumping from Trump to Biden or Sanders (who may not even be the chosen candidate in the end). Furthermore, if both of them enter the final ticket as potential presidents, say, if Sanders went to an independent ticket or something like that, then it all but guarantees a landslide by Trump.

I want to be clear: I am a conservative in all fiscal policies. I am also trending right on most social issues, with some exceptions.

That said, I am not for or against Trump.

I would rather vote for Trump than for a Biden or a Sanders. But I could have been swayed by a Tulsi Gabbard. I hope she considers running in the future and evolving on her stances to meet the needs of important historical documents that amazingly still have the utmost of relevance, but also the constituents of the United States of America.  

For me it’s not about Conservative vs. Democrat, it’s about who can best take us forward. And even if I liked Trump, which is up in the air as a politician (I’m not in love with him as a “persona” and I don’t’ know him personally to say whether he is a good person or not) I’m not sure he’s the right guy. Sometimes you need to change your mindset to serve people the right way – he seems resistant to change.

We have to stop looking at this political thing as ME vs. THEM and look at it as: where can we go from here with the right person, and how can that person best serve the collective of people in the United States?

For all that, I’m a bit sad today, as, even though she was a longshot with no chance of the White House this election (BECAUSE OF THE PRIMARIES – NOT THE GENERAL ELECTION), she was probably the best candidate that the Democrats have fielded, if even in passing, since JFK. And I don’t take saying that statement lightly.

What are your thoughts? Am I way out in left field? Did I get this one wrong? Did I say something too sensitive? Let me know.