Overview of Healthy Valley Foundation

Overview of Healthy Valley Foundation


The Healthy Valley Foundation serves as more of a charity to charities than as a standalone unit – a true foundation. Their generous donations and top-flight board offer unique insight into the community as a whole and ensures they serve a much needed mission.

These are our words, not the organization’s. This is in an effort to maintain transparency and avoid bias.

The Board member list, both past and present reads like the who’s who of the Inland Empire and the San Jacinto Valley. The impressiveness of the braintrust that officiates and oversees operations for the Healthy Valley Foundation proves the importance of the Foundation’s implementation and outreach over the immediate past.

But with the Healthy Valley Foundation, it’s more about the future than it is the past. their overarching goal is to combat tomorrow’s problems with investment today in novel solutions proffered by community partners in specialty positions to combat risks to the community.

Admittedly that’s not what their mission or vision states, but it is what has been the practice for this Foundation in the recent years. They have been on the leading edge of identifying legitimate future concerns and stopping their growth before they become a widespread problem.

Their foresight comes from the experience of the individual board members and the companies and individuals who are smart enough to reach out to the Healthy Valley Foundation to ask for community grants and donations. It’s a wonderful partnership.

The causes they support, run the gamut but they all make sense for a large and growing community like the nearly 95k people in Hemet and burgeoning surrounding areas. San Jacinto is growing fast too. As population growth increases, so too, do the risks for difficulties that come along with that community enlargement.

Per their website:

The Healthy Valley Foundation will proactively serve and support organizations who share our vision for a healthier community. The foundation will provide resources, enhance collaboration, and establish partnerships that promote well-being and healthy lifestyles.

Vision Statement
We have a passion for people and want to improve the health of individuals within our community. We believe that education and assistance can affect positive change leading to healthy lifestyles, economic stability, and safer communities.

Value Statement
People have value and are important to us. We care enough to help our community get the health care they both need and want. We will conduct ourselves integrity, honesty, and transparency as we seek to raise funds and provide those funds to worthy endeavors and agencies. We will hold ourselves accountable to each other and to our community for our actions and outcomes.
Core Values

We believe:
We are an assembled group of community leaders
Leaders lead by example
We must be accountable
We must conduct ourselves with integrity and transparency
We are honest and responsible brokers of change
We have to earn the trust of the community by being responsible and productive

The organization has been helping the Valley since 1980. It is a stalwart contributor towards the improvement of the community.