National News – 11-19-2021

Vice President Harris receives Biden’s Presidential power while he undergoes colonoscopy On November 19, President Joe Biden transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris for a short period of time while he is under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy The White House said it will publicly share a written summary of the 78-year-old Biden’s physical… Continue reading National News – 11-19-2021

Business News – 11-19-2021

Electric aircraft produced by Rolls-Royce breaks record after topping 387 mph According to an announcement on November 19, Rolls-Royce said its all-electric aircraft had reached a maximum speed of 623 km/h or about 387 mph  The “Spirit of Innovation” is the result of a project called ACCEL, or Accelerating the Electrification of Flight  Build Back… Continue reading Business News – 11-19-2021