Business News – 11-30-2021

Adobe Analytics says Cyber Monday online sales have dropped by 1.4% from last year According to information from Adobe Analytics, this year’s Cyber Monday sales marked a 1.4% decrease from 2020 to $10.7 billion  So far, from Nov. 1 through Cyber Monday, consumers in the United States have spent $109.8 billion online, which is up… Continue reading Business News – 11-30-2021

Business News – 11-10-2021

Crew-3 SpaceX mission to launch 4 more astronauts for NASA On November 10, SpaceX will launch the Crew-3 mission for NASA which marks the company’s 5th crewed mission in the past 18 months The crew are set for liftoff at 9:03 om ET at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida with the astronauts set to… Continue reading Business News – 11-10-2021

Business News – 09-15-2021

First Non-profession astronauts to launch into orbit through SpaceX For the first time in the history of the company and the world, Elon Musk’s SpaceX prepares to launch 4 civilians into space The mission is named Inspiration4 and scheduled to lift off on Wednesday nit opening at 8:02 p.m ET Ford and Argo AI have… Continue reading Business News – 09-15-2021

Business News – 11-04-2021

Newest climate plan for Democrat lawmakers includes tax breaks for EVs priced up to $80,000 On November 3, Democratic lawmakers unveiled their new social spending and climate provision that increases the EV tax credit of up to $12,500 for higher prices vehicles According to this new update, vans, SUVs, and trucks prices up to $80,000… Continue reading Business News – 11-04-2021

Business News – 10-22-2021

Starship test-fired by SpaceX as FAA reviews key license for first orbital launch Elon Musk’s SpaceX completed two test firings of the engines on its Starship 20 prototype on October 21 SpaceX is preparing for the rocket’s first orbital launch while the Federal Aviation Administration reviews its license request GMC Sierra Denali and AT4X pickups… Continue reading Business News – 10-22-2021

Business News – 10-08-2021

Global price of natural gas continues to spike but U.S. may not be as harshly impacted The prices of power and natural gas in Asia and Europe have reached the highest recorded, with U.S. prices having doubled in 2021 According to the head of global commodities research at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch says, “The… Continue reading Business News – 10-08-2021

Business News – 08-19-2021

Starlink internet satellites will have new capabilities as SpaceX plans to use with Starship Elon Musk’s SpaceX has disclosed new details about their plan for the next generation Starlink satellites on August 18 in federal filings SpaceX also want to use their Starship rocket as the primary vehicle to deliver the spacecraft into Earth’s orbit… Continue reading Business News – 08-19-2021

Business News – 08-10-2021

Boston Beer and PepsiCo join together to create alcoholic Mountain Dew Boston Beer and PepsiCo are going on a joint-venture to create an alcoholic Mountain Dew which is expected to reach shelves by early 2022 These new drinks are a part of Pepsi’s effort to use the popularity of the Mountain Dew name to move… Continue reading Business News – 08-10-2021

Business News – 08-03-2021

Starlink now have nearly 90,000 users according to SpaceX Elon Musk’s SpaceX and its Starlink satellite internet service now serves about 90,000 users around the globe According to an update by the company on July 29, they say that the service has users in 12 countries  Starlink’s new user total, which appears to count the… Continue reading Business News – 08-03-2021

Business News – 06-29-2021

After SpaceX launch delay, Elon Musk calls launch regulations “broken” For SpaceX’s 20th mission, they were only seconds away from launching when they were stopped due to an aircraft entering launch range On Twitter, Elon Musk voiced his feeling about the situation and criticized the regulations around business launched rockets Brooks Running pledges to have… Continue reading Business News – 06-29-2021

Business News – 06-17-2021

Cruise Lines and the CDC: Only fully vaccinated travel is recommended The CDC in previous warnings recommended that travelers should not go on cruise ships because of the incidents of spreading infections last year in 2020 Currently (as of today) the CDC is recommending that travelers get tested 1 to 3 days before their planned… Continue reading Business News – 06-17-2021

Business News – 06-14-2021

Vaccines cannot keep up with amount of Covid-19 cases across the world  The World Health Organization has reported that the amount of Covid-19 cases is spreading faster than vaccinations worldwide Despite the amount of cases of the vaccine are tending to decline worldwide, the amount of deaths related to Covid-19 have not declined the same… Continue reading Business News – 06-14-2021

Business News – 06-10-2021

Vaccinations for Covid-19 for Children is ‘a must’ says FDA advisor Dr. Paul Offit, a top FDA advisor says Children must be vaccinated against the virus and he also has said, “About 300 kids have died from Covid so far”.  It has become an increasing concern for this FDA advisor that there are more variants… Continue reading Business News – 06-10-2021

Business News – 06-08-2021

Chipotle has now raised prices to compensate for raised wages Fast casual restaurant Chipotle Mexican Grill has now raised prices by about 4% in order to compensate for the cost of raising their worker’s wages This may, Chipotle has reported that they would raise hourly wages for their restaurant workers into reach their average of… Continue reading Business News – 06-08-2021

Business News – 06-04-2021

Director of CDC is worried about rise in teen Covid hospitalizations The CDC director today (Friday) has publicly urged parents to have their tennis vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus  Within the first 3 months of 2021, the CDC research team has discovered that ⅓ of adolescents hospitalized with the virus have required admission to an… Continue reading Business News – 06-04-2021

Business News – 5-13-2021

SpaceX reveals first orbital Starship Plan Elon Musk’s SpaceX revealed its plan for an orbital flight test of its next-generation Starship rocket, which would launch from Texas and then splashdown off the coast of Hawaii Starship prototypes stand at about 160 feet tall, or around the size of a 16-story building, and are built of… Continue reading Business News – 5-13-2021