Targeted Hyper-Local Marketing

You have a business. You want people to come into your business. It’s important to be impactful where you live and work. We have customers in your geographic location. But our customers are different. We aren’t like Google. We don’t just have eyes looking for information. Yes we have a lot of that, but our historical customer has always been a customer at the very last stage of the buying process. They are ready to buy and committed to buying, but they just want to find out if they can find a sweeter deal, or an irresistible offer before they part with their money.

That’s why we are so valuable. Our customers are ready to spend. They expect the buying process to be nearly immediate after they interact with us. We can help you build the infrastructure (landing pages, content, buying tools, follow-up protocols) to make the buying process smart and easy. But we can also offer you the actual customers, too. We are right here in the same space with you regarding your keywords, but not on the top level, we are beneath the many layers of the marketing surface. The type of customer that comes to us instead of you, is not yet convinced that you are the company they want to work with. They trust us to help them decide. It’s a customer you want, and we have them. So, in a sense, we aren’t competitive with you, we just have access to a customer that you couldn’t convert yet.

Let us help you to convert them. In your geographical market. At a price point that Google and others cannot offer you. We have the highest Return on Investment of any service provider in the hyper-local market. It’s not even close.

When you need legitimate long-term branding, and a customer that has buying intent – we are the service provider that makes sense. Stop letting your closest competitors nick that customer from you because they happen to be the last company the customer sees. Start converting hyper-local, ready-to-buy consumers on your offering.

For pennies on the dollar you are getting the best possible customer delivered right to you. Easy-Ad: it’s what we’ve been doing for more than four decades.